Are You Relocating with Children?   Here Are Saunders 1865's Tips!

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Saunders 1865’s Top 10 Tips for Relocating With Children

Relocating to a new country can be very stressful. Finding a new home in the desired location is always a challenge nowadays. A lot of the time relocating with children can cause extra stress, they don’t want to leave their friends or they don’t understand the relocating process in itself. Here are some of our tips when it comes to relocating with your children:

  • Arrange a family meeting: It is very important that children are informed about the relocation as soon as possible. We suggest that you arrange a family meal, order or make their favourite food, but just ensure it’s a fun experience for them! This will help with the planning process and give the children the opportunity to raise any questions/concerns they might have. Let them know that you need your “little helpers” with the move.
  • Bring them with you on the home search: Children will feel more comfortable in their new home if they get a first-hand look at their new surroundings.
  • Keep them informed: Explaining all the ins and outs of the relocation process can be beneficial for your children and will help them to accept their new home.
  • Get them involved: Whether it be in the decision making process of choosing a new home or in local activities, make sure your child feels comfortably immersed in their new community.
  • Once you have short listed your properties allow your children a say in who gets what room and how they can add their personal touches to it. (Subject to approval from the landlord)
  • Map it out: Give your children the advantage of having an on-hand visual of their new town. Make sure to highlight the places that your children will personally like to go.
  • Make a family wish list: Don’t let the new home be all about what you want, make sure to sit down with the whole family prior the initial call with one of our relocation specialist and list all the must haves in the new property.
  • Get your children involved in the packing process.
  • Memory box: During the packing process designate one special box that will hold all the memories from their old home. This can include photos of friends or little keep sakes from their old home.
  • KEY! Make it more of an adventure than a formal move! Make the relocating process more fun by highlighting the fun and taking away the stress.

At Saunders 1865 we are very aware of just how important their special little people are to them. And they are very important to us too. When families relocate internationally they are always concerned about finding the right schools for their children. We provide assistance with locating good school(s) and securing places. Learn more about our School Search program.

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