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Terminating leases, disconnecting services, recovering Renters' deposits & resisting unreasonable Dilapidation claims


  • Guides Renter through the process every step of the way
  • Implements the correct termination steps to minimize costs
  • Robustly represents Renter over deposit return & dilapidation issues
  • Takes the stress out of terminations

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"Outstanding Service!  I was extremely pleased with the service and requested all service be placed with your company."                                                                                    Matt Jaworski, Getco

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When it comes time to relocating your Assignee out of the UK, as a responsible employer, you should provide Departure Assistance Service. It’s a sound investment that all savvy employers make because there are complex and time-consuming issues around properly terminating a UK rental contract. Getting it wrong can be an EXPENSIVE mistake! And you don’t want your VIP Assignee worrying, and wasting time, managing all the minutiae around their outbound relocation. The business wants them to stay focused on their important work – and on making profits for the business. Departure services start with a thorough, professional review of the Renter’s lease, to establish all the steps that must be taken to comply with the termination provisions. A formal written notice may have to be served by a particular deadline in order to bring the lease to an end without penalty. And there will be other obligations that the Renter must comply with. For example, there are all the utilities and services to close down, and the council tax de-registration to be dealt with. Final bills must be paid - and proof provided to the Landlord. And the rental contract usually requires that the home is professionally cleaned by the Renter. And there will be making good, and other remediation requirements that are necessary to comply, to the letter, with the Tenancy Agreement. One key goal is to deny the Landlord any excuse for holding on to the Renter’s deposit! At Saunders 1865 – the world’s only VIP relocation firm – here are just some of the steps that our experts are trained to take, as part of our Departure Program…..

  • They assist the Renter through every step of the departure process.
  • And start by reviewing the precise termination requirements in the rental contract.
  • And then formally serve any notice on the Landlord that is required by law.
  • We assist with closing down utilities, any other services, and the obligation to pay council tax.
  • We arrange payment of final bills & provide proof to the Landlord.
  • We obtain competitive bids from hand-picked professional cleaners.
  • And we manage the cleaning process, as well as “making good” items and any other repairs that are down to the Renter.
  • We assist with getting the Renter’s deposit back.
  • And handle any dilapidation claim from the landlord…….which is sometimes a MAJOR ISSUE.

Renting high value homes, in London particularly, often involves the Renter having to pay a hefty cash deposit.

And it’s a sad fact that many UK Landlords see wealthy corporate Renters as a soft touch.

Sometimes they think they can refurbish their entire home using the deposit for funding!

If the Renter doesn’t follow the correct lease termination process, it’s all too easy for a Landlord to delay, or even deny, reimbursement of the deposit.

At Saunders 1865, we follow a streamlined process to tackle all these issues, and we know exactly how to deal with BOGUS dilapidation claims.

Our entire Departure Program is designed to save our clients time and money and to make the whole process EASY and STRESS-FREE for your Assignees.

It’s a service that easily pays for itself!

It makes your Assignees feel HIGHLY VALUED, important, and well looked-after by your organization.

Call our London office on 020 7590 2700 or use the CALL BACK FORM below to arrange a free consultation with our Managing Director. arrow-7-2.png


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