Tenancy Agreement Negotiation & Move-in Support

To provide renters & employers comprehensive assistance

with negotiating and reviewing draft tenancy agreements

  • Avoids renters signing up to unfair terms in a tenancy agreement
  • Represents & supports the renter & HR through the negotiation & move-in process
  • Lower cost than full Home Finding support

Do you want to avoid signing up to unfair terms in your tenancy agreement?

UK landlords can be rogues & the industry is unregulated. There is no such thing as a standard contract – 5 different landlords’ agents will have 5 very different forms of agreement.  Rental contracts can be a minefield!

Many employees just sign whatever paperwork they are given by the agent and then the consequences have to be faced later – by them and by their employer. 

That often ends in costly penalties – for HR and their business!

Imagine if you could pass this stressful process over to relocation experts.  They would make sure that the tenancy agreement is (a) fair to the renter and (b) appropriate for the specific needs of the occupant and the business.

They would represent & support you throughout your Tenancy Agreement Negotiation & Move-in Support program, making it easy and stress-free.

It’s also a low-cost way of making those relocatee who wouldn’t otherwise have been given full DSP support feel highly valued by their employer.

"My experience with Saunders 1865 was fantastic. You were extremely helpful from day 1. Providing very clear instructions and guidance as to how to best go about several situations. I truly appreciate the hard work. If I were to relocate again for work, I hope that we have a chance to work together again."

Juan Carlos Barreto, North Carolina

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