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Tips for Relocating with Pets

We understand moving to another country can be very stressful. You want to make sure that you have a little piece of home with you at all times. However, a move can be more stressful when it comes to pets. Relocating with pets can be an issue as many landlords hesitate about letting their properties to pet owners for fear of damages. Don’t worry, we are here to help! Here is a list of Saunders 1865’s Top 5 tips for Expats relocating with their beloved pets;

1. The more detail the better. Providing our relocation experts with as much information as possible about your pet is key. This allows us to provide the landlords and agents with the details needed to ensure that your ideal property will be yours with no last minute cancelations. The information can come in the form of picture or description detailing the size and breed of the pet.

2. Vaccinations. The UK government has strict guidelines for pets entering the country. Most pets need an up-to-date rabies vaccination and blood test. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed depending on the region and/or country you are relocating from; these can be found on the Government website.

3. Pet Passport. This is a standard practice in any EU member state. In order to be eligible for the passport your pet needs the vaccinations as described above and a microchip. Once your pet has received the Fit to Fly approval the process of the passport can get underway. We advise to closely follow the guidelines from the government website as pets must not have vaccinations more than 30 days prior to the departure date.

4. Sedation or not? This is a common issue that many pet owners face with pet relocation. It is thought that sedation takes the stress away from your pet when traveling, especially during flights. However, it can equally be said that sedation makes your pet groggy for a period of time following the arrival at your new destination. Though we don’t advise one method or the other we suggest getting in contact with your pet care specialist to find out the best method for your pet.

5. Make your pet comfortable. If you are travelling a long distance with your pet or they start their journey before or after you it is important they feel homely during their travels. This can be achieved by providing them with their favourite toy or blanket. By providing comfort you are ensuring they are less stressed and more relaxed during the relocation process.

As part of our unique menu of VIP Destination Programs, we have a powerful settling-in service to help you settle in to your new home along with your pets – and it’s surprisingly affordable.

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