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Is London a city for dog lovers?

Moving to another country can be a stressful and time-consuming process. Yet when you also have to factor in pets, it’s often man’s best friend that not only dictates where you live but also makes you ask yourself the dreaded question…do they stay or do they come?puppyweb2

That said, it doesn’t have to be that way. As far as we’re concerned, your pet needs to be front and centre in our minds when helping you select a suitable home and area. In one recent relocation, the Assignee actually chose a completely different area to satisfy the needs of the canine member of the family over and above their own first choice.

Here is our guide to the best areas for you and your four-legged companion:

In north London, the obvious choice and a favourite amongst our expats is Hampstead. This green village is London’s very own countryside retreat. The Heath offers dogs and their owners a vast open space where they can be let off the lead without the worry of buy traffic. There are plenty of dog-friendly pubs in the village, a pet grooming centre and even a doggy car wash!

Another suitable spot is Highgate Woods. Closely positioned between Muswell Hill and Highgate, this great location is perfect for young city folk or families whose budget can’t quite stretch to the price-tag attached to Hampstead.

puppyweb3Further south is Primrose Hill, a quiet spot behind Regent’s Park, which provides panoramic views of the city. It’s nearby park is a favourite with dog lovers, so a great place to make new friends!

South London also has its fair share of outdoor space. Battersea Park is just a short walk over the bridge from up-market Chelsea. The park is perfect for letting trained dogs off the lead for a good run! For those who aren’t so confident, there is also an enclosed area where you and your dog can play fetch with the comfort of knowing they can’t go far! However it must be noted that this is a ‘one dog at a time area’ in order to avoid those dreaded fights over balls and other toys!

Further west is another favourite amongst our expat community – Richmond. Situated on the Tube’s District Line, this idyllic village is a compromise between city and country living. Just like Hampstead, Richmond is a dog-friendly location. Whether it’s a walk down the River Thames or a stroll around the capital’s largest Royal Park, it’s safe to say that there’s plenty of green space around.

Last and by no means least is East London. Since its regeneration, the eastern suburbs have seen an increase in pet numbers. From riverside strolls round Limehouse and the Docklands to beautiful walks in Dulwich Park, followed by a beer in one of the many pubs in Dulwich Village, East London is certainly a pet-friendly area.

Over the years, we have assisted many families with the international relocation of their pets. For many families, the relocating pet is as important as a child. In one recent case the pets were so highly regarded that we were required to fly them into London via private jet. Their “parents” just could not face them being relegated to the hold of a regular aircraft!

The key thing to remember when moving to London is to always check the lease to make sure that you’re allowed a pet in the home. Making sure the lease terms are right for your situation is an important part of what we do for our clients as part of our VIP Home Finding Program.



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