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Expat Partners: Making It Work

When your spouse comes home and tells you that they’ve landed their dream job in London or one of the UK’s other cities, you know you should be thrilled for them. But what will it mean for your career? High-level expats are more likely to have a spouse who is following their own career trajectory, and the ease with which they might also find employment in the UK is starting to affect the primary assignee’s decision to relocate.

Some years ago a major survey found that 90% of expat spouses were working before they moved abroad. However, in destination countries, only 35% of the partners found employment. Some of this may be due to cultural and language issues, but for US and Canadian spouses coming to the UK, there is plenty of scope for gainful employment.

Securing a job, becoming involved with a charity or undertaking a volunteer role allows expat spouses to feel useful, meet people and start making connections in their new country. And it’s important for trailing partners who arrive with no friends or family and possibly little organizational support from their spouse’s empexpatpartnerswebloyee to build a new life rather than to become housebound and isolated.

Also of current interest is the fact that there is an increasing number of male trailing spouses accompanying their partner to the UK — the majority of whom do not wish to be simply assigned to the role of full-time home-maker or child carer. Studies have found that, across the board, expats with trailing spouses are expecting more assistance to help their partners find work. Given that these job hunters are starting from scratch in a new country, and having to deal with cultural differences in the workplace and the bureaucracy of visa and permit requirements, formal assistance can play a critical role in a successful job search outcome.

Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – have a wealth of experience in helping American and Canadian expats and their families settle in the UK. We can provide a Spousal Employment Assistance Program that has been especially designed to assist in placing trailing partners in work.

The benefits of the Saunders 1865 Spousal Employment Assistance Program

    • Needs analysis – our first move is to assess the type of position sought and identify marketable skills.


    • Resume/CV preparation – we help candidates to prepare a CV tailored to the expectations of the UK job market.


    • Registration with employment or recruitment agencies – we know the market and which agencies specialize in which types of jobs.


  • Our advisors will provide administrative support and advice throughout the course of the job search
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