Settling-in Assistance

       Helps relocatee get fully established in their new home & country


  • Enables the family to get quickly & happily settled into life in their new destination
  • Gives them easy access to tailored information & support
  • Quickly acquaints them with all the new location has to offer
  • Makes them feel especially cared for by their company

A global move means you're faced with a new job, home & new country, which is going to be stressful.

Our Settling-in Support helps families get fully settled in their new country by providing comprehensive destination information, advice & live expert assistance.

“Saunders 1865 offered us excellent help in quickly getting NI Number, NHS Registration.   They were always willing to help us and were in personal touch with everybody in our team. I would rate the services offered by the company as 10 out 10.”                                                                                                                Amarjeet  Yelwande, Pune

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