Global Relocation Services


bclc keno watch draws Finds, books & manages short term accommodation.  We also include access to our concierge help service throughout the stay.


winning keno numbers bc To help relocatees choose an area to focus their rental search on when they are not familiar with areas in the city they are moving to.

“The service we have received is excellent.  Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do if the Saunders 1865 team was not there to support me every step of the way 

Nina Dela Cruz – Marseille to London – Thales” 


bc lotto keno To help relocatees find the perfect permanent rental home in the right location.  Our service makes the home finding experience a pleasure by eliminating stress.  We robustly represent the renters’ best interests.


bclc keno To help parents find the right schools for their children and navigate complex education systems.

“Saunders 1865 have been a tremendous help in finding and securing a house for the family and schools for the kids 

J P Leschly Neergaard – Copenhagen to London – Danske Bank” 


keno numbers bc To help relocatees get fully established in their new home by providing specific assistance with their requirements and helping to set up utilities, broadband etc.


how to play keno lotto To help engage the best trusted international moving company at the best price, and then overseeing the whole process from start to finish.

lotto bc keno The above services are the most popular programs we provide for our clients.  Do reach out to us by completing our contact page or via Whatsapp if you would like our full schedule or want to discuss an upcoming relocation.