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How To Find Your Perfect Rental Home in London

  • Comprehensive “all done for you” rental search service that saves time & money
  • Makes the rental search experience a pleasure by eliminating stress
  • Robustly represents renters’ best interests
  • Fast, efficient, professional

Saunders have been a tremendous help in finding and securing a house for the family and schools for the kids. Moving and changing job are two of life's great sources of stress - Saunders took away the first and gave us time and space to deal with the latter.”                                                                 Jens Peter Leschly Neergaard, Danske Bank


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The 1st step to finding your perfect rental home is to choose a location that suits your rental budget & lifestyle needs. 

Where can you get independent, expert help in making that decision?

Once you’ve narrowed down your search area, the 2nd step is to find available rental homes that match your needs & budget.

How do you avoid wasting time looking at totally unsuitable homes?

The 3rd step is to negotiate contract terms that protect YOUR interests – not just the landlord’s – and a FAIR rent.

How can you achieve those objectives when Agents act for landlords, not tenants?

Well the answer is to retain a professional rental search service like Saunders 1865.

It must be kept in mind that Agents operate a NUMBERS’ GAME - throw enough mud against a wall & some of it will stick!

That means renters have their time wasted looking at unsuitable properties.

Saunders 1865 only represents renters – never landlords.  Our role is to find the perfect home for the tenant & then secure the best rental terms for you.

Representing VIP renters has been our niche for more than 30 years.

Saunders 1865 is the ONLY firm that supports senior executives who are being moved international for business.

Because we provide highly personal, tailored service, we are trusted by global employers to support their VIP international moves.

For more info, call our London office on 020 7590 2700 or 239 530 1865.  Alternatively, you can use our Contact Form