Saunders 1865 | Stamp Duty Land Tax on your UK leases – are you compliant?

Stamp Duty Land Tax on your UK leases – are you compliant?

Has the right amount of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) been paid on all your Assignees’ UK Leases? Since we introduced our new & unique SDLT Compliance Program last year, many Employers have discovered that they were not compliant. Some of these Employers assumed (wrongly) that their global relocation provider had this issue taken care of.

In every case, we resolved the problem and made sure the correct amount of tax was paid over.

It should be kept in mind that, in many cases, no SDLT is payable at the start of the lease. However, the tax liability is often triggered when a lease is renewed or extended. It is important to be careful about this to avoid a build-up of unpaid tax, penalties and interest.

We are very familiar with the process of cleaning up this problem for Employers even where they use another relocation provider. We can audit your UK leases free of charge to establish whether tax is due. If we find that tax is due we will deal with everything for you under our SDLT Compliance Program.

To take advantage of our free audit service, email me and I’ll get our SDLT specialist to contact you to start the process. Don’t delay because interest and penalties may be building up. Failure to pay SDLT is an offence which can also lead to prosecution.

We look forward to hearing from you. We can quickly make sure that you become compliant with the UK Law on this issue.



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