Saunders 1865 | Why your UK Assignees need ongoing support

Why your UK Assignees need ongoing support

Your assignee may have found their perfect rental home. But it’s after they move-in in that the problems can really start!

The landlord may need to attend to issues to put the home in an acceptable condition. The landlord may not take care of things that he agreed to take care of. In fact such issues often arise throughout the term of a lease.

Unfortunately it’s largely a matter of luck whether you get a good landlord or a bad one – or somewhere in the middle.

The same is true of landlord’s agents whose allegiance is to the property owner, not to the tenants.

A tenant who is not professionally represented can be given the run-around by bad landlords and agents. Your assignees’ lives can be made a misery which can seriously affect their work. They may appeal to your HR team to get the issues with their rental home fixed.

All this can be stressful and time-consuming – especially if you’re not familiar with UK leases and property laws.

Problem solved!!

There’s a simple support solution that costs little – and your assignees will love you for it.

Provide ongoing support via Saunders 1865’s expert tenancy management team.

We become your assignees’ (and your) single point of contact for everything throughout the lease.

We chase-down all matters that the landlord is obligated to attend to; and we take charge of resolving any maintenance or inventory issues that arise during the lease, whether they are the landlords’ responsibility or the tenant’s. When a problem arises, we don’t let it go till it’s resolved!

Saunders 1865’s Ongoing Support & Tenancy Management Program is comprehensive, but here are examples what the items it covers:

  • Chasing-down all matters that the landlord is obligated to attend to
  • Taking charge of resolving maintenance or inventory issues
  • Maintaining detailed records to defend any dilapidation claim
  • Manage rent payments & assist with council tax and utility obligations
  • Monitoring key lease dates so nothing important is missed
  • Handling lease renewals and terminations
  • Concierge service throughout tenancy

We save your assignees’ time, so they can concentrate on their work & their families. And we save your time so that you can focus on what you do best!

And we keep on top of the ever-evolving, complex UK property laws so that we can better protect your best interests.

Remember, landlords’ agents ONLY represent landlords! We represent ONLY you and your Assignees!!

Saunders 1865’s Ongoing Support & Tenancy Management Program is briefly and entertainingly explained in this short video:


Make your assignees feel highly valued by you! Speak to us today to learn more about this valuable, low cost support service.

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