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Pre-Inspection Service

Once a home has been selected by your Assignee and the lease terms have all been negotiated, there is one more step that is highly recommended to avoid big problems on move-in day.

It is an unfortunate fact that some landlords do not deliver what they promised in the negotiations. Sometimes they do not properly clean the home or make sure all main utilities are working. And sometimes they remove items from the property that were to be left for the Assignee’s use. It is best to find these things out before paying over funds. For this reason we recommend carrying out a pre-inspection walk Pre-Inspection Servicethrough.

These days Assignees are often too busy to make the time to personally pre-inspect. Our pre-inspection walk through service, has proven to be worth its weight in gold in terms of avoiding Assignee disappointment on move-in day.

This is a special “walk through” attendance by inspector (where the assignee is unavailable to personally inspect the property) preferably before the initial funds are transferred to the landlord

  • Pre-inspection to ensure accommodation is in the agreed condition
  • Check that any agreed works have been carried out
  • Provide report of inspection including supporting photos
  • Follow up with landlord to chase remedy of any exceptions
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