Pre-Home Finding & Orientation

To help relocatee choose an area to focus their rental search on

when they are not familiar with areas in the city they are moving to


  • Helps relocatee choose an area to focus their rental search on
  • Provides independent, objective advice on a location that will fit the client’s needs & budget
  • A professionally escorted orientation that positively reinforces the decision to relocate to the UK

Pre-Home finding orientation tours are important when the assignee’s family is not familiar with the area of the UK in which they are planning to live. It helps them choose the best area for their rental search and gives them a general introduction to how their life will be in the UK by providing an area orientation of neighbourhoods.

Tours can include viewing example rental homes and guidance on local amenities – for example, leisure facilities, shopping, places of worship, clubs & transportation. And a number of our corporate clients find this program invaluable for making the family feel terrific about moving to a new home in the UK!

"I appreciate the way Saunders1865 staff has professionally helped us with home finding, and further formalities. The pre-finding and finding went very efficient, after a couple of days the list of properties got very close to what we wanted, and we were able to find a nice appartment pretty fast."

Alexander Shevchenko, Moscow

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