Buying our firm's 5th Electric Car

Moving to Electric Cars for our international relocation business has not all been a bed of roses.  It's been a journey of UPs and DOWNs.

This episode is about the acquisition of the 5th electric car, and 2nd Tesla.

So, what do electric cars have to do with relocating talent internationally?  Well, the answer is, probably not a lot – directly anyway.

But this purchase experience from the best electric car-maker in the world, and the impression it made on us as customers, made us think about what an international relocatee goes through.

Once the employer extends an offer to a candidate, the candidate’s impression of the employer goes one of two ways.  EVERY interaction with the new employer either REINFORCES or UNDERMINES the candidate's impression of the employer's brand.

So it was with our electric car experience.  Discover more by listening to this episode.  And watch out for the version on YouTube where you'll be able to see, among other things, all 5 of the EVs we've so far purchased.


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