Ongoing Support for Renters in the UK

Our Expert Team Represents Tenants & their Employer After Move-In & throughout the Tenancy

NEW! Now includes ongoing support for all Living in the UK issues

  • Enhances talent attraction & retention by making relocatee feel highly valued by their employer
  • Outsources time-consuming, burdensome lease obligations to local support experts
  • Avoids embarrassment & costs attached to missing rent (& other) payments, dates & other renter obligations
  • Saves money & time for relocatee & HR professionals so they can focus on productive tasks
  • Relieves everyone on the renters’ side from the stresses attached to renting properties

It’s AFTER you’ve secured a new rental home in the UK, and after move-in, that the real challenges can start.

From maintenance failures to broken promises & negligent property managers, life for the renter’s family can become pure misery if someone isn’t on top of every single detail.

That takes a lot of work and it requires a good knowledge of property law in the UK. Otherwise, it’s all too easy for Landlords/agents to shirk their obligations.

At any time during an assignment, problems at the rental home can take your relocatee focus away from the work you’ve moved them overseas to do! They need someone effective on their side.

Saunders 1865’s Ongoing Support Program enables your people to stay focused on the business they were moved to the UK to do. Our team of experts never lets go until problems are solved.

And we take the stress and strain away from the Employer’s HR staff too.

Avoid the embarrassment of rent payments or important lease dates being overlooked. Lease renewals and termination obligations are also automatically addressed.

Plus we handle deposit disputes. Everything is taken care of on a low, fixed fee basis, avoiding costly hourly professional fees that apply to cases which are outside the Ongoing Support Program.

Our clients say that the happiness and productivity of their relocatee have been greatly enhanced by this very affordable program.

You should definitely find out more about why everyone is talking about it.

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    “Since we have engaged this new service, we have seen positive feedback from our Expats. They are relieved from having to worry about any issues directly and can continue to focus their time on their work. It has been a very positive experience and it is a win win for both the employee and our company.”                                                                                                      Beth Loughery, USA

    “Saunders 1865 is always available when the need arises! They are always ready to work on solving the myriad problems that come up when renting a flat. Never complain, just dig in and solve the problem.”                                                      Daniel McGeough, North Carolina