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  • Provides a single point of concierge support for the Renter
  • Saves them the time & stress of chasing property issues
  • Robust representation for the Renter
  • Allows them to focus on their work
  • Avoids missing key lease dates & making costly legal errors
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"YOU'RE AMAZING - I will dearly miss you Saunders 1865.                  You've proven over and over to be an incredible partner."              Mary Young, Relocation Consultant

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Saunders 1865 is the only specialist provider of VIP relocation services.  This has been our niche market for more than 25 years.

We understand that Business Leaders have different needs – and that these VIPs have a BIG impact on your company’s performance. 

 If this is the approach to international relocation services that you prefer, over the usual sausage machine approach that treats every relocation the same, then you should be talking with us. 


Relocating a VIP Assignee from overseas to London, or anywhere across the UK, can be a BIG challenge.  However, sometimes the REAL challenge starts after the Senior Executive has MOVED IN.

From leaks coming from neighbouring properties to scaffolding outside your window and non-functioning A/Cs.

Problems along the way and their concern for their families will impact on the productivity of your VIP.

Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company - has the right solution for you: Ongoing Support. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hand over the entire process to one specialist Relocation Company?

At Saunders 1865, we provide Ongoing Support that will ensure the relocation process goes smoothly EVEN AFTER THE MOVE IN DATE.

We take care of everything that may happen whilst your Business Leader is living at the property.  We manage any maintenance issues and advise our clients on the best actions to be taken in any given situation.

Furthermore, your VIP Employee will always have a team of friendly experienced specialists to assist with any concern they may have regarding the property's maintenance.

The result is a happy, stress-free family, and an employee who really does feel like a VIP!

Call our London office on 020 7590 2700 or use the CALL BACK FORM below to arrange a free consultation with our Managing Director. arrow-7-2.png


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