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What causes misery for some UK assignees

Dealing with UK rental agents can be stressful.  They work for the other side of the transaction i.e. the landlord.  They are on the opposite side to your Assignee; but Assignees often don’t realize that till it’s too late because they’ve committed.  Of course, the agent creates an impression of sweetness and light when the assignee is choosing the home; but what about after the contract has been signed?

The UK Government has become increasingly concerned about the unfair practices of rental (“letting”) agents towards tenants.  But unfortunately they’ve drawn back from introducing a proper system of regulation or licensing, which is a pity!

This means that it is all the more important to make sure that your assignees are professionally represented:

  • In their search for the right rental home to avoid making a bad decision and to have the widest choice possible
  • In the negotiation of fair lease terms; and
  • Throughout the lease to make sure their rights, and your company’s rights, are safeguarded.

Negligent landlords and incompetent agents can make your assignees’ lives miserable after move-in day by not living-up to their legal obligations.  This damages assignees’ productivity and can even cause a UK assignment to fail altogether, which will cost the employer a fortune!

At Saunders 1865 – the VIP Relocation Company – we take care of all these issues for you and your assignees.

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