Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – is the world’s only specialist provider of VIP relocation services.  This has been our niche market for more than 25 years.

 We understand that Business Leaders have different needs – and that these VIPs have a BIG impact on your company’s performance.  All our services are a level above anything that’s available in the general world of corporate relocation – and this is why we are trusted by leading organizations all over the world to relocate their top talent internationally.  Our support services are tailored to the individual needs of each family, and are highly personalized.

 If this is the approach to international relocation services that you prefer, over the usual sausage machine approach that treats every relocation the same, then you should be talking with us.

First Steps

Corporations are becoming more and more global, thus posing the need for business leaders to relocate, whether it be alone or with their loved ones.  This process, as much as it is exciting, can be a real struggle where the logistics are concerned.
Here are some questions that a Business Leader will be concerned with:


  • “How will my family adapt to the city?” 
  • “How do I enrol my children into schooling?”
  • “How pet friendly is this city?”
  • “What about health care: what is the NHS?” 
  • “Will I need a car or is public transport good enough?”
  • “What are should I focus on?”
  • “What is a Borough?”



This is where we come in! Saunders 1865– the VIP Relocation Company – has a wealth of useful area and city reports available to our clients.  These cover the basics of every city.


Additionally, we have a team of Relocation Specialists and local consultants who are able to offer advice and answer any questions or concerns the Business Leader may have.


This guide will address The 10 Most Important Factors for a Successful Relocation to the UK.  We want to make this move as stress free and simple for you and your Business Leader as possible!

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Before Moving

Before moving, there are certain issues that must be addressed.  Firstly, it would be highly recommended for the Business Leader to visit the UK in order to get familiar with the area.

The journey has just begun!  At Saunders1865 – we will now guide you through The 10 Most Important Factors for successfully relocating a Business Leader to the UK.

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The first thing to be considered is the documentation your Business Leader will need. This includes:

  • Certified passports
  • Visas
  • Medical insurance
  • Proof of address
  • Children's school reports
  • Pets veterinary history

All such documents need to be up-to-date and, sometimes, notarised.

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In the UK, free health care is provided by the National Health Service (“NHS”). However, you can supplement this free service by enrolling into private health insurance.

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Is your Business Leader relocating with their family? Do they have children?

If your Senior Executive is moving to the UK with children, their education will be a major priority for the family.  Consequently, we have developed a comprehensive Schooling Assistance Program to help every family find the right schools for their children.

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Selecting the right neighbourhood can be crucial.  The right professional advice will ensure that your Business Leader chooses the best areas in which to focus their search for a home.

Where children are involved, it is vital to co-ordinate the location of the home with the location of the schools.  It is no good finding the perfect home if there are no appropriate schools within a reasonable distance.

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Never forget, Letting agents work for the Landlord.

Letting agents are notorious for finding shameless ways of making more money from the tenant.  They are spread all over the place; creating a tonne of research and leg work involved in order to establish what’s even going on in the market.   Renting a property can easily go from being slightly confusing to an outright nightmare – the last thing needed.

That is why Saunders 1865 - the VIP Relocation Company - will help you find the right place for your Executive with our VIP Home Finding Program.  We are there every step of the way!

We will fight your Business Leaders corner! We will act as a representative through all the negotiations for the chosen rental property to ensure the best price!

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We are here and will robustly represent the tenant’s best interest!  From the start, we will review and negotiate specific terms that protect the Tenant.  We then assess Landlord’s Agent’s draft Tenancy Agreement requesting amendments if required (which they usually are) as there is no such thing as a standard Tenancy Agreement.

There is a great deal which is done behind the scenes.  For example, we maintain detailed records of all trigger dates and key events regarding your lease.  The stress doesn’t end here: lease terminations.  Remembering the key dates for this is very important!  Are they breaking out of the contract early?  Are they responsible for sorting the inventory check-in or check out?  Have they sorted out the provisions required in the Tenancy Agreement?

That is only a taster of what we do behind the scenes.

Defending against dilapidation claims begin at the start of tenancy.  What do we mean by that?  Well, let’s say a landlord’s appliance malfunctions in the home and, as a result, damage is caused, for example, leaking water.  It’s important that we know about every such event, not only so that we can pursue a remedy for you, but also so that we can keep a record as evidence to resist a claim months or years later.  Landlords often try to claim against tenants’ deposits for such items.

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We are fighting for the best terms for you!  Unlike estate agents who work for the Landlord, we work and only represent YOU!



Is the property furnished or will your Business Leader need furniture?

Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company - will assist you with any choice.  Whether the property is furnished or unfurnished, there is always some place for negotiation. Or, there is always option to arrange rental furniture.

Alternatively, we can assist with moving their goods from their current property.  When arranging the move of furniture and goods across borders, many issues may arise, including goods for which a license may be needed in the new location and claims for lost or damaged items during the move among others.  However, we have created the Move Management Program for your Business Leader to safely move their goods! We will get the best quotes from our trusted movers and deal with any issues that may arise throughout the process.


Saunders 1865 - the VIP Relocation Company - will ensure that their goods and belongings arrive safely and quickly to their new home!

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Does your Business Leader have pets?

If your Executive wants to bring their pet along, we can help!

Some countries require quarantine periods, whilst for others an online registration is sufficient.  Even when the pet has arrived, your Business Leader will have to find a trusted veterinary, as well as a trainer or any other services their pet may need.  Do they have time for that?

Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company - has developed its Pet Relocation Assistance Program to help your Business Leader with all of these issues.  We will be their point of reference throughout the whole process.

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Even after the Home Finding has been completed, the process does not end; your Business Leader will have many questions:

  • “Who are the utility providers?”  
  • “Where do you need to register?”  
  • “Is there any additional tax I need to pay?”

Even after relocating, there are many governmental documents which need to be considered, ranging from Council Tax to Stamp Duty Land Tax. Therefore, Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company - offers its Settling in & Orientation Program  as well as its Stamp Duty Land Tax Compliance Program.  We will help your Business Leader settle in; managing all those tedious and time-consuming registrations you need to do when moving into a new place.

Additionally, with our Settling in & Orientation Program, you will be providing your Senior Executive a period of 60 days for us to assist with anything they may need; ranging from finding your nearest tennis club to sorting out any issues with their property.

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10. Is it Over?

For now, the relocating VIP Business Leader and their family are happily settled.  But the journey does not end here.  There are many issues that arise when living in a property and Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company are here to help with the additional Ongoing Support Program.  From the smallest to the largest concern, we are here; dealing with issues that will be difficult to deal with overseas.

We can further assist when the Business Leader needs to leave their crumpets and scones and depart the UK; with our Departure Program and Move Management Program. We also offer a Lease Renewal Program if they want to stay!  Saunders 1865 - The VIP Relocation Company - will take care of your Business Leader and their family.  We tailor all our services to each individual; making your task as easy as can be!

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