How to choose where to rent when you move overseas

 Updated Global area reports available for free!

By: Christine Hall, GMS,


Moving to UK

A pint at the pub in London, surfing in Sydney and croissants in Paris. When you or your assignee is told you need to move to the UK, Australia, France, or any other place, it’s natural to start imagining what it would be like to live there.

If it were me, I’d jump on the internet, start Googling, and come out with a list of questions. What are the best locations to rent in? How much are rental prices? What about schools for the children and on and on.

To save you time and headache, the Saunders 1865 team has put together a summary of all of our updated Area Reports sorted by country (don’t forget we’ve got over 20 within the UK and 35 in London as well!).

So click below on the city name you’re interested in to access the area report.  Grab it today while we’re still offering FREE, immediate access!

 Australia  India  Sweden
 Melbourne  Mumbai  Stockholm
 Sydney  Ireland  Switzerland
Belgium  Dublin  Basel
 Brussels  Israel  Geneva
 Canada  Tel Aviv  Zürich
 Calgary  Italy  United Arab Emirates
 Montreal  Milan  Dubai
 Toronto  Rome  United States of America
China  Luxembourg  Chicago
Beijing  Luxembourg City  New York City
Hong Kong  The Netherlands  London
Shanghai  Amsterdam  Rest of United Kingdom
Denmark  Portugal
Copenhagen  Lisbon
France  Russia
Paris   Moscow
Germany  Singapore
 Berlin  Singapore
 Düsseldorf Spain
 Frankfurt  Madrid

If you need advice on choosing a location on which to focus your home search, we can set up a free consultation call with one of our destination experts. Just use our contact form