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VIP Destination Services For Business Leaders


  • High-end destination services in all major cities globally
  • Managed centrally by the world’s only VIP relocation specialist
  • Tailored to the individual needs of each relocating family
  • Takes the stress away
  • Makes your top talent feel highly valued
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"I don't think we would be in a house right now if it weren't for Saunders 1865. What an amazing service you provide and what a serious relief you have given to someone already under the stress of a move across the world with their family. Thanks again."                                                            Luke McCullum, Tyche Consulting

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Saunders 1865 is the only specialist provider of VIP relocation services.  This has been our niche market for more than 25 years.

We understand that Business Leaders have different needs – and that these VIPs have a BIG impact on your company’s performance. 

 If this is the approach to international relocation services that you prefer, over the usual sausage machine approach that treats every relocation the same, then you should be talking with us. 

When you relocate one of your Business Leaders to an international location, you want to be able to call upon one specialist company that will make your life easy.

When you want every detail to run smoothly, the only company you can trust is Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company.

Because when a Business Leader is going to be relocated, many concerns arise. Saunders 1865 orchestrates the international relocation by taking care of all the vital aspects of the move.

Finding good rental accommodation, great schools, opening bank accounts and hooking up with local services – everything needs to be covered, and done well.


For this reason, your employees and their families will feel proud to be so highly valued by your company.

Saunders 1865 has successfully been relocating families like your Business Leaders’ working for the world’s leading corporations for over 25 years.

We are the only boutique firm specializing in international VIP relocation services. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each of your Business Leaders.


Saunders 1865 allows your Business Leaders to focus on their new job assignment, relieving all the relocation stress.

Because you do not want your Senior Executives worrying about relocation matters when in the office!

From Schooling Assistance, to arranging your Temporary Accommodation, securing YOUR chosen Home and introducing your Business Leaders and their families to all the BASICS about living in their new location.

We provide highly personalised VIP relocation services from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
We make Global Relocation easy and stress-free and our support services save you time and money.

Call our London office on 020 7590 2700 or use the CALL BACK FORM below to arrange a free consultation with our Managing Director. arrow-7-2.png


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