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Property Portals for Renting & Purchase


On this page, we provide links to the three most useful UK portals.

At Saunders 1865, we pride ourselves on our ability to find the right home for every client on time and within budget. So why would we refer you to these portals?

It’s simple: while our research team will be busily searching out homes that match your requirements, it’s ALSO helpful if you email us links to homes you find online that appeal to you. That way, we get a better understanding of the style of property you want.

A good starting point is to use these portals:

  1. Rightmove – click here
  2. Zoopla – click here
  3. On The Market – click here

It was a great experience to move together with the assistance of Ann and her team.  The selection of flats for viewing was very thoughtful and matched my requirements. I viewed a wide range of flats which was helpful for my decision process.  I would always work with the team again and also recommend them to my colleagues. Many thanks for all the help! 

Britta Drexler – Munich, Germany


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