Your Last Chance to Ban Agents

from Charging Fees to Tenants

We’re down to the last few hours!

Generation Rent reports letting agents still charging tenants fees of over £800

Renters should not be held over a barrel by Letting Agents any longer

But the ban must have teeth to be effective – so join the campaign #NoFeesForKeys

By: Tony Coe, Founder & CEO of Saunders 1865 & The Relocation Academy,

Residential Lease Agreement formCampaign group Generation Rent has published a report the day before the close of the Government consultation on letting fees reporting that the average two-adult household in the UK is paying letting fees of up to £800.

Currently, the average is £404 for each household’s move in England.  Often there is also additional charges for those with low incomes, requiring rent guarantors or needing to move on a Saturday.  Some agents are even charging tenants who accidentally overpaid their rent!

This issue has exposed the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

The Good: Get Living London (GLL) recently announced a refund of all security deposits and an introduction of no fees.  Not only that, they’re not planning on increasing rents – the most common citation by landlords and agents for dismissing the fee ban. 

The Bad: Previous measures enacted over two years ago to force agents to publish fees have failed.  One in eight agents still aren’t even publishing fees on their website.

The Ugly: A Letting Agent in Wokingham charged one tenant £813 for basic admin like drawing up the tenancy agreement and checking references.

That’s why we’re calling for a blanket ban on all fees without exemption.

But to make sure that the ban is effective, Tenants need to make sure they respond to the Government’s Consultation online survey before 11:45pm tomorrow, 2 June 17.  The same applies to everyone who cares about a fair deal for renters in the UK.

Renters have this once in a lifetime opportunity to leave Government in no doubt that the proposed ban on Tenant fees should be implemented, without dilution or loopholes.

But the clock is ticking to make your feelings known.  So get online now and do it!


(For guidance on how to respond to the questions, here’s a handy PDF with suggested responses based on feedback from our renters’ community)

Please share this info everywhere using #NoFeesForKeys