Your First Day of School in the UK

The Final UK Schooling Assistance Blog

By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS,

*This article is the last part of an 8 part series on the UK schooling system.  See the foot of this article for links to the other 7 parts.*

Schooling in the UK

We hope you’ve been enjoying our series on schooling in the UK!  We’re wrapping up this series with some details on what your child’s first day at school in the UK will look like. 

The first thing that will help you to prepare for your child’s first day of school will be the welcome letter from your school.  If you’re entering school midway through the year this letter could come at any time.  If your child is starting in the normal cycle at the beginning of September it will depend on whether they’re attending a private or state school.  Typically for state schools the letter will arrive in March or April before the September start.  For private schools – it’s typically once you’ve paid the bill!  

Also included in the letter will be details on what day school starts, what time to arrive, and where to meet.  Typically you’ll be directed to a specific spot like a classroom or playground and there will be signage from there.  You’ll also be notified of who you’re meeting with – commonly a bursar or secretary if you’re starting midway through the year.  You probably won’t be greeted by the Headmaster or Headmistress unless you’re Prince George!  Lastly, your welcome letter will also include what to bring for lunch and your uniform list.

Just like in the States (or probably anywhere!) don’t forget to pack the bag and lunch the night before to avoid panic the morning of.

The first day at school will include an introduction to the child’s teacher and the school itself and specific classes.  Extracurriculars won’t start until the first full week of school (typically the 2nd week) so there will be less to worry about on day one.  Unlike the States that sometimes kicks off the year with a half day of class, the UK always starts with a full day.

So there you have it – your first day of school in the UK is completed!  Don’t forget to get a picture of your child in their first day of school uniform and you’re on your way.  Don’t forget that Saunders 1865 is always here to help.  To learn more about our Schooling Assistance program click here

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