Will Meghan Markle Move to the UK for Good?

Oh no! She won’t quit ‘Suits’ for a Royal Move to London, will she?!

                                                          By: Christine Hall, GMS,


Meghan Markle moves to UKI am an addicted fan of the Netflix show, Suits, and of Meghan Markle herself.  Personality-wise, I suspect she’s really quite like the beautiful Rachel she plays in the powerful drama about the rather unlikely New York law firm of Pearson Specter Litt.

So I’m horrified that she might quit the show for a Royal life in the UK with Prince Harry.  On the other hand, it’s exciting to think that they might be my neighbours if they live round the corner from my home and relocation firm in Kensington.

(Kensington, by the way, is a fantastic place to live and work.  I’ve lived and worked here for more than 30 years and I’ve helped many VIPs relocate into the area and to find their perfect property here.)

This time, I hear that Meghan came across the pond for a further visit to her Royal boyfriend’s home at Kensington Palace – but this time had her mother, Doria, in tow.

Apparently, the actress used this trip to show her mum (or rather “mom”) some of the sights in London.  And I understand that Meghan and Harry have even talked about living in London - and that Meghan really sees herself moving here at some point in the future.

The trip came on her 36th birthday and around their 1-year anniversary.

Harry and Meghan have been keeping up the transatlantic trips for the last year with Meghan coming for stays at the Kensington Palace.  But Harry visits her in Toronto – another favourite city of mine - where she’s filming Suits.

The burning question is, will Meghan remain on the show if her relationship continues to move forward with the London-based Royal?  If their relationship does move forward, Meghan is in for some massive life-changes I think.  (Does that remind you of anybody?)

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