Where to Rent in the Heart of London’s New Tech Hubs

King’s Cross, Battersea and Fitzrovia front-running areas says Relocation Expert

                                                   By: Ann Dinsdale, GMS - Senior Vice President 


The giants of the digital corporate world have been expanding their presence in London in spite of all the media hype about Brexit.

Google, Apple and Facebook, to name the best known, are all expanding or moving their headquarters into up-and-coming neighbourhoods in London.

These particular locations can represent good value for renters provided they are properly advised. Landlords’ letting agents will take advantage of those renters who are not professionally represented. In spite of strong demand from corporate assignees, there are many options available to those renters who are presented to landlords in the best way.

My team at Saunders 1865 specialise in winning the best rental homes for our clients on the most favourable terms for them and their employers.

So which are those up-and-coming locations in London that we’re talking about? Based on the people that we’re moving into London for such clients, over the next five years, I see the neighbourhoods of King’s Cross, Battersea and Fitzrovia as likely to grow at an exponential rate. Here’s why!

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King’s Cross

Google recently reported that they’re expanding their European headquarters at King’s Cross by 3,000 staff.  The entire KC area has undergone regeneration with new shops, restaurants and cultural activities coming in every day.

The growth of the rental market has followed suit.  Last year, over half of the properties on the market were on for less than three months.  This also has to do with King’s Cross still being one of the lower-priced districts in Zone 1.  This probably won’t last long - as renters come flooding in prices will increase.

Jump on this area now if you want to secure a great property near one of the top companies in the world!


Happy family moves in UK

Long known primarily for the massive power station along the River Thames, the neighbourhood of Battersea is due to receive one of the most dynamic companies on the globe: Apple.

Apple has plans to move into a new campus near Battersea Power Station in 2021.

Those south of the river are hoping the new Apple site provides a boost to the area by encouraging innovation and increasing employment.  Be aware, though.  Public transport via the tube is thin in Battersea and commuters may have to rely on bus or cycling to work.


The recent move of Facebook to Rathbone Square is set to increase the number of staff at the Fitzrovia neighbourhood location to 1,300 employees.

This increase of people into the area is creating a big ripple effect in an area with a rental home shortage.  Not to the mention the forthcoming new Crossrail tube line that will pass by the area and contribute to the popularity of the borough.

Additional growth of people in the area is coming via Facebook’s new incubator model at its London office.  They’re inviting start-ups and entrepreneurs to apply for a three-month program under the oversight of the Facebook team.

The Best Employers Provide Hi-Touch Relocation Support to the Talent they Move

It is a settled fact that it’s good for business to provide high quality relocation support especially when moving talent internationally.  By doing so you can protect your peeps from the rogue landlords, agents and sharp practices that plague the UK rental market.  A summary of the types of support services that the best Employers provide can be found here

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