Saunders 1865 | When Relocating Your Talent to London Don’t Let Them Fall Into This Trap!

When Relocating Your Talent to London Don’t Let Them Fall Into This Trap!

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Rogue Landlords & Unfit Rental Homes Damage Your Company’s Profits

Andrew Panayi has been named one of London’s most notorious landlords according to national media reports.

The dubious landlord, thought to have about 180 properties on his books, has recently been hit with a £70,000 fine by the north London borough of Islington.  Panayi pleaded guilty to illegally renting out an unlicensed flat in the borough.

According to the Evening Standard, the flat was previously declared ‘an unsatisfactory and substandard unit of residential accommodation’.

The council, finally having had enough with Panayi’s rogue antics, sought legal action seeking recovery of up to £103,000 to reflect 14 years of rent paid by tenants of the property.  This landlord was ordered to pay out £70,000 in profits that he made from renting the unfit flat.

Unfortunately this was too late to save all those Tenants from the misery they suffered.  The way you do that is to provide VIP Relocation Support to your Employees.  It’s well worth the investment!

With more and more people deciding to rent privately in attempts to avoid agency fees, Tenants are taken advanced of.  And this will most often happens to people relocating to London from overseas.

 Employees who are left to find accommodation on their own jump on the internet & easily get sucked into bad situations.  The person advertising the rental home may not even have the right to rent it out.  The home might look enticing but it might turn into a nightmare when basic services don’t function.  All of this is avoidable!

 For this reason, it’s important that Companies should take proper care of the Employees they are relocating to London.  Otherwise, who is going to look after the interests of the Tenant?  Certainly not Landlords, & certainly not Agents whose job is to get the best return for Landlords.

The Solution

At Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – we proudly represent Tenants & their Employers.  We find great rental homes fast & negotiate the best terms for the Tenant.

And thanks to new technology, we now have a VIP Relocation Support package to suit any corporate budget.

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