Saunders 1865 | When Recruiting Top Talent, Don’t Whatever You Do Make This Fatal Mistake!

When Recruiting Top Talent, Don’t Whatever You Do Make This Fatal Mistake!

Christine Hall here – Your VIP Relocation Guru!  I have specialized inChristine-Hall relocating business leaders, celebs & other VIPs globally for over 25 years.

If, like me, you are a fan of the summer TV program, Great British Bake Off, you’ll be delighted to hear that favourite judge, Mary Berry, will not be relocating to the USA.

She was rumoured to be relocating across the pond if her BBC hit baking show were to make a debut on American television.

However, Mary says she’ll not be a part of the program as she doesn’t not want to leave her husband behind!  (Sounds fair enough to me!)

During my 25+ years as Managing Director of Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company, I have seen many husbands and wives make the difficult decision to ‘press the yes button’ on accepting an overseas job opportunity.

I have also seen the opposite happen many times.  And it’s often because the spouse of the candidate is not keen to come along for the ride.

This can often be avoided by involving the right relocation expert as early as possible in the recruitment process – a professional firm that specializes in this niche.

That’s the way to avoid the Number 1 Error described in this video – click on the image below.

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