When an employee can't sell

Although home sale assistance is much rarer than it used to be for international relocations, there are occasions when it is essential to smooth a family’s move to the new overseas work location.    And nowadays it doesn’t need to involve the employer in high costs or risk.

One example of an occasion where home sale support can prove valuable is when a company has selected an important new hire the executive concerned may need to sell their property in a slow market before they can permanently relocate.

Providing professional support to manage the home sale process can be a highly cost-effective solution in circumstances like this, by removing all distractions associated with the property sale from the VIP employee’s mind.

If you have a situation where an employee can’t sell their property, do you wanna chat with us about how we can help. 

Please do get in touch if you require further info.

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Siavosh Akhtary, Texas

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