Weaker Pound Draws Swiss Hedge Funds Back to the UK

Rising Costs Force Billion Pound Hedge Funds to Return to the Capital

Will others follow suit?

By: Christine Hall, GMS,



Life after Brexit has resulted in some relocations away from London. However, hedge funds appear to be moving in the opposite direction.           Just recently it was announced that major Swiss hedge fund Systematica is drawing up strategies to relocate from Geneva to London.

And they are not the only ones.  In June, it was announced that $1.6 billion hedge fund Amplitude was reopening its London business. 

And major corporation Brevan Howard has decreased the number ofstaff in their Geneva office to just 25.

This has largely been a result of the weakened pound which has dropped to record lows post-Brexit.  As well as this, the extremely high running costs associated with renting an office in a city such as Geneva or Zurich has been drawing more and more hedge funds back to the capital.

Aside from these factors, as a relocation professional, I can see the lifestyle benefits that come with moving back to London.  There is no doubt that many employees will have families - and finding a large home in close proximity to a high standard educational institution in a city like Geneva or Zurich can be difficult.

Whilst London may still be pricey, it is far easier to find a reasonably-sized home in close proximity to the city, regardless of budget.

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