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International Rental Search

Tony Coe - Founder & CEO


Here’s a quick intro message from our CEO, Tony

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After an extended (but isolated) Christmas/New Year break, we are back on the air.  Join our CEO, Tony & our Managing Director, Christine as they chat – over a glass of wine, of course – about managing RENTAL SEARCHES for our corporate clients’ VIP assignees relocating to the UK from overseas.

In this episode, you’ll start to learn how the London and UK property markets, the rental market especially, can be a minefield for those unfamiliar with its weird and wonderful ways.

As you listen, if you have questions, do message us via our podcast’s Facebook page  We’ll do our best to answer every question and may even showcase your question in our next episode.

Listen to episode 12 of People & Property – The Relocation Podcast

I've moved 3 times in under 4 years and while every move has been different, Ann has always been great at adapting to my needs for each different move.

Stephen Morita – Iowa, USA

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