Usain Bolt Hints of a Move to London

World’s fastest man might trade Kingston, Jamaica for Kingston, UK

By: Christine Hall, GMS,

Usain Bolt moves in UK I hear that Usain Bolt wants to move to the UK.  The world’s fastest man is hinting of a move to London now that he’s hung up his spikes for good.

Bolt is looking for a new base to set up a businesses now that his running career is over – and he said this:

“I would never have considered training anywhere apart from Jamaica but now I am retired Kingston does not have to be my only home. I am going to have business interests and things I am passionate about that I will have more time to enjoy.

“London is special because I have had a lot of success here — it’s the only city outside of Kingston I could see myself living. Not in the winter, but I am looking to buy a place so I can spend more time here.”

“Also you can be most places in the world easily. It is time for me to have fun now. It is a great city to shop, to eat, and of course party!”

Bolt hits on a great point.  It’s just a quick and easy flight from one of London’s five airports to many wonderful places in Europe and beyond!  

He’ll also be much closer to Old Trafford to watch his favourite football team, Manchester United play.  He’s already a club favourite, and supposedly is good friends with manager Jose Mourinho – so much so that he’s said he’s hoping to stay at his house when he travels to Manchester for the Premier League games.

As a relocation professional that has looked after the house-hunting needs of a fair few celebrities and VIPs in my 30 years in this business, I’m greatly interested in what area of London Usain will pick to live in.  Maybe London’s suburb of Kingston in south west for the name association with his home in Jamaica?  Now that would be an odd way to choose the location best suited to his needs!

No, the best way is to speak with a local property expert who works in the relocation profession.  That’s because we work for home renters and buyers.

An important part of my role when conducting a property search is to understand my client’s lifestyle needs and help them select the locations that match those needs.  Then we look for homes within those locations that fit their property needs. 

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