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Underground Mansion Outcry

David Graham ImageUp until now you probably thought it was only mushrooms that lived in the dark, underground. But soon, with his extraordinary mansion expansion plans, Canadian multi-millionaire David Graham is set to join them: Graham is planning to triple the size of his already huge Knightsbridge house by digging a four storey extension that will be all basement.

We think that the former magistrate’s court will take on the properties of an iceberg, with a far larger area under the surface than is visible to the eye. And by the time he’s finished, Graham will have a house that features 15 bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 20 toilets, a ballroom, a swimming pool and spa, a three-car underground garage with a car lift, a playroom, a gym, a wine cellar, a library, an art storage room, a bar, staff accommodation and more.

Of course, as a multi-millionaire, Graham wants a house that suits his lifestyle but don’t you feel sorry for the poor members of staff that have to live three storeys underground in pokey rooms between the car park and the kitchen store? Graham’s smart Knightsbridge neighbours are less than impressed, too; novelist Edna O’Brien and the Duchess of St Albans have lodged their disapproval. They fear that their lives will be disrupted by four years of building site hell, as more than 1,375 skips full of earth and rubble will need to be removed in the process of digging out the underground mansion.

David Graham, who made his millions in cable TV, bought the house in 2000 and since then has failed to find a larger property in the area to suit his family’s needs. The only way he can extend the house enough is by digging down – to a depth that is greater than the height of neighbouring houses – and experts expect that by the time he finished the property could be worth more than £90 million.

In other words, by digging a big hole for himself, Graham could end up becoming even richer.

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