UK TV Star Lorraine Kelly Moving to London

How relocation professionals make the move a stress-free pleasure for VIPs

                                                      By: Christine Hall, GMS - Managing Director

ITV’s Lorraine KellySo I see the 10-year work commute has ended for ITV’s Lorraine Kelly.  The TV star and her husband of over 20 years, Steve Smith, are tired of the 6-hour commute from their £800,000 Dundee home in Scotland.

I personally think it’s wonderful to see a pair committed to making their marriage work after so many years.  I’m lucky enough to get to work with my husband everyday but I know most aren’t that fortunate!

Kelly has spent the past 10 years travelling from Dundee to London’s Kings Cross for TV commitments and says the travel is starting to get to her.  She has a tiny flat in London near the ITV studios on South Bank for short stays but is the first to admit it doesn’t feel like home.  

Can’t say I blame her – it’s not nice living in a big city like London and not feeling settled!  Many expats that we move to London feel the same way.  That’s why we created our Settling-In Assistance and Ongoing Support services so they never have to feel alone or unsupported.

The move was also prompted by Lorraine’s newest endeavour.  She’s joining forces with comedian Rob Beckett to co-host a new BBC Saturday night primetime show called Wedding Day Winners.  It will be her official debut hosting in that coveted Saturday night slot.

We love our work at Saunders 1865 because we get the chance to work not only with business leaders, but with celebrities as well!  Just like top-level executives, celebrities don’t have time to personally go and look at every potential home or school for their kids.  They count on relocation professionals to do the hard work for them and present them with the best options.  It saves a ton of their valuable time.

Retaining a relocation professional also means searches are handled discreetly so the client remains in the background, avoiding any awkward questions.  Having independent, objective advice from a professional home finder who is not commission-driven is extremely valuable for these VIP clients especially.

Whatever your reason for moving, you should connect with a Saunders 1865 relocation expert for a free consultation.  To request a free, confidential consultation with a VIP relocation expert please contact us or call our London office on +44 20 7590 2700.

We are appreciative of the excellent relocation services we have received through Saunders 1865. They are delightful, responsive, professional, knowledgeable-- could continue. They have showed us properties and was astute in guiding us.

Jennifer & Tony Liebo, Pennsylvania

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