UK Triggers Art 50 to Start Brexit - The Divorce Begins 

 Top 3 Escape Cities

UK Government Brexit what's next Today, the UK Government will formally trigger the Brexit divorce by serving written notice on the EU.

This will begin the 2-year period during which the full settlement divorce should be finalized.

It’s anyone’s guess what the final deal (if there is one) will look like, but how is the Brexit process affecting relocation decisions?

While many global brands have demonstrated their commitment to the UK by expanding their presence here, especially in London, undoubtedly the Brexit drama has already caused a significant increase in global moves – mainly for defensive, strategic reasons.

For example, financial services companies must ensure that they don’t lose their so-called “passporting” rights allowing them to sell their products freely throughout the EU. This factor is already causing corporate employers to move more people to certain cities in mainland EU states – some from London and some from other global cities.

The top 3 cities that have emerged as potential “Brexit Escape Zones” are: Frankfurt, Dublin, and Amsterdam (Click on the cities name to access our free Area Report on that city.)

Other EU locations are also being considered as Brexit Escape Zones and our team of experts are extremely busy answering questions and assisting with the surge in global moves as corporate employers try to prepare for every possible outcome from the Brexit divorce negotiations.

We'd be interested in hearing whether Brexit is affecting your organization’s relocations – and, if so, how. We'd also be interested to read your perspective on the implications of Brexit.  Just use our contact form 

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