Saunders 1865 | UK Schooling: This is one lesson you WON’T want to miss

UK Schooling: This is one lesson you WON’T want to miss

Relocating to the UK can be an exciting adventure for families. From finding a new home to settling in to UK life, parents and children are often at times so excited about this new change that they forget one important thing……schooling.

One of the first things assignees relocating to the UK need to understand is the education system. The UK education system has never been straightforward and can be very complex for assignees.

Should you send your child to a public (fee-based) or state (free) school? How much are you willing to pay for tuition for public school? What if my child isn’t a native English speaker? Is there any option for them?

With so many educational options to choose from, like boarding school, private, public or state school, picking the right one can prove to be challenging and VERY stressful.

It is important to provide families with the proper understanding of all the choices available to them.

WARNING: Leaving your VIP assignees to navigate this complex system can lead them to rejecting your important assignment. That is why providing a Schooling Assistance Program is a must have component in the relocation process for those coming to UK with children.

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