Saunders 1865 | UK Right to Rent Law: What You Need to Know

UK Right to Rent Law: What You Need to Know

On Tuesday 2nd February at 3:45pm (GMT) we will be conducting a very important live webinar.

Coming into action on the 1st February, the new UK Right to Rent immigration policy will affect everyone wanting to rent a property in the UK.

If you ever relocate people to the UK, you need to get clued up on this new RIGHT TO RENT immigration law now.  By failing to properly support assignees relocating to the UK, it can have devastating effects on talent  acquisition and management, so please DO NOT miss out.

Here are just a few things you will gain by attending our webinar:

–          Become informed about the implications of this new law

–          Find out how you need to change your approach to relocations to the UK

–          Qualify for our special FREE guide on RIGHT TO RENT

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Join us for this live webinar scheduled for Tuesday, 2 February at 3.45pm (GMT), by clicking on the link below:

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