Uber Banned in London

An Outrageous Denial of Consumers’ Right to Choose

Anti-competitive ban will make getting round London more expensive

                                                            By: Tony Coe


The Mayor and Transport for London (TfL) recently announced that they have decided not to renew Uber’s Operator Licence when it expires on 30 September 2017.

With the banning of the popular app, they will put 40,000 drivers out of work and deprive millions of London users of convenient and affordable transport.

TFL’s primary reasoning is that Uber has not followed their safety protocol, when in fact Uber drivers are licensed by TFL, go through the same enhanced background checks as black cab drivers and automatically track and record every trip via GPS.

At its core, this a ban on consumer choice.  Our clients use Uber; our staff use Uber; I use Uber; my family uses Uber; my friends use Uber.  Why?  Because it’s cheaper and the overall user experience is better.

I’m not saying that I’ve never had a problem when I’ve used Uber.  That’s to be expected given that they are each running their own business.  But the peer to peer review process is the best in the business and, on the few occasions I have complained, Uber put the situation right – usually the same day.

This anti-competitive decision will have negative consequences for years to come as clients and visitors will be deprived of choice and forced to go with higher cost options when they visit or move to London.  Not to mention all the business customers and young people that have come to rely on Uber for regular use!  It’s against consumers’ interests to take away a less expensive (and, I think, largely superior) service to black cabs. 

To defend the livelihood of thousands of drivers and the right of consumers to choose for years to come, I urge you to sign this petition that will ask the Mayor to reverse the decision to ban Uber in London.

End of rant!!!

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