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Tube To Run 24-Hours!

TFL Announces 24 Hour Weekend Service Starting in 2015!

If you use the Tube on a regular basis, you’ve probably gotten used to all of the quirks involved: from the weekend closures to the spur of the moment, emergency repairs to the late, cramped, and smelly train home during Friday night rush hour. One can get used to these things after a while (and sharpening one’s elbows), but it’s not so easy to get used to the 1am shutdown that plagues the lines.

But fear not, the days of late night mad dashes to the nearest station, splitting cab fare, or – perhaps worst of all – the local night bus are numbered. TFL has unveiled their proposal for the future of the Tube, which includes 24 hours service operating on the Northern, Central, Piccadilly, Jubilee, and Victoria lines on Fridays and Saturdays beginning in 2015.

The announcement comes following a flurry of rumours about the possibility of a 24-hour service similar to New York’s Metro with the support the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Johnson has nothing but praise for the TFL’s official announcement, commenting, ‘This will not just boost jobs and our vibrant night-time economy, but will further cement London’s reputation as the best big city on the planet in which to live, work, visit and invest.’


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