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Toronto, the World City

Christine Hall, your resident relocation guru, here with news on one of my favorite global destinations!

Toronto is one Canadian city that my team and I at Saunders 1865 – The VIP Relocation Company – have a special affection for.Christine Hall - small size

We have relocated a ton of senior executives (mainly in banking and financial services) and their families globally to and from Toronto.

It’s an incredibly diverse and exciting city.  Nearly 50 percent of Torontonians having been born abroad.  The most unique thing about this cosmopolitan city is that people from 200 different countries speak more than 160 languages, with no one ethnic group dominating the population.  There are large populations with English, Chinese, Irish, Scottish, East Indian, Italian, Filipino, German and French ethnic origins, making it the second most diverse city in the world.

As an international centre for finance and commerce, a large number of Canada’s biggest corporations (ranging from media, telecommunications, publishing, IT, biotechnology, tourism and film production) maintain their headquarters in Toronto.

A focal point for trade between Canada and the USA due to its proximity to New York City, Toronto is a great place to build a career in finance, film, aerospace, media, biotechnology, communications or IT, as it’s a hub for all these sectors.

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