Top 5 Hottest Tube Lines For Londoners

Keeping You Cool During Your Commute This Summer

You’ve just moved to London for your international assignment and you’re mapping out your route to work.  If you’re living within London’s Zone 1 on the underground system known as the tube you probably have a few different options or lines to get there.

Just recently, the TFL conducted a study of the underground tube lines to identify the average temperatures on each line while traveling through the City.  Summer is upon us and that means hotter temperatures above and below ground.  We know that you don’t want to show up to work looking like you’ve been in a sauna!

To help, we’ve summarised the 5 hottest tube lines during the summer months below to keep you nice and cool for that important meeting:

  1. Bakerloo:  Topping the list as the hottest tube to travel on during summer is Bakerloo.  This line is known to reach temperatures of 27C.


  1. Central Line:  The Central Line comes in at a close second.  Recording temperatures of 26.1C.


  1. Northern Line:  The Northern Lines takes third in the list.  This line has an average temperature of 25.2C.


  1. Victoria Line: Ranked in fourth place, the Victoria Line can hit temperatures of 24.1C.


  1. Piccadilly Line:  Taking the fifth place spot, the Piccadilly Line rises to temperatures of 23.2C.

If you’re one of the lucky commuters on the District, Circle, Hammersmith & City or Met lines, you’re in luck! Thanks to air-conditioning, these four lines sit at an average comfortable temperature of 18.5C.

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