Discover the Top 10 Reasons

Why Celebrities & VIPs Love Relocation Services

To Help Find Their Perfect UK Property

  1. Saves Time – VIPs’ time is too valuable to waste contacting numerous Estate Agents
  2. Convenience – a professional search makes the process of finding & securing the perfect property more efficient and enjoyable
  3. Local Knowledge – quickly gather objective information about the local market from an independent Expert
  4. Representation – they want someone who will advocate for them – and ONLY them – robustly
  5. Confidentiality – discretion is important
  6. Single Point of Contact – all aspects of the transaction coordinated for them from one central point
  7. Highly Personal – VIPs want high-end service that's individually tailored for them
  8. Efficient – they need to be able to see the best shortlisted homes in the shortest possible time
  9. Best Price – tough negotiation to the secure best deal
  10. Comprehensive Support – expert advice throughout

Happy Family relocation service


"It has been a great experience..... Everyone involved has worked hard for us and for that, we are truly grateful.     We have a place that we adore and appreciate all the effort!"         Amy Smith, Virginia

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For more than 3 decades, Saunders 1865’s Relocation Experts have had the privilege of serving the needs of a many VIP Celebrities. It has, for the most part, always been a delightful experience. VIPs want the best properties and a high-end experience. We’ve spent a long time perfecting a system that delivers what they want.

Most importantly, we know you don’t want to waste your valuable time approaching numerous estate agents just because there is no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in London or anywhere in the UK. You prefer to retain a professional firm who will do everything for you and who will weed out in advance the properties that don’t match your requirements. You want to see the best ones and, usually, you want to make a quick decision. You then want us to negotiate the deal for you – and handle every other aspect of the transaction through to closing. We can coordinate all the legal work for you and manage every aspect of the deal, reporting to you throughout and taking your instructions as and when required. It’s a fast, efficient, comprehensive and discreet service that saves you time and money – and is tailored to your individual needs. Because we manage everything centrally, acting as your single point of contact, you are protected from having to deal with numerous other people as the transaction progresses.

Our service works in largely the same way whether you’re renting or buying a London home – or indeed a property anywhere in the UK.

Remember, we work for you and only you! We never take commissions or referral fees of any kind from Estate Agents. Such arrangements would create a conflict with your interests as our client!

If you’d like more information on finding your perfect, unique home in London, be sure to use our Contact Form and we’ll connect you with one of our Relocation Experts.