Time to take stock: reduce costs, while improving talent attraction & retention

The Coronavirus lockdown measures have caused many businesses to re-assess a lot of things, including whether they need to maintain so much in the way of costly office space.

Here in the UK, where old traditions die hard, a massive number of executives have realized they can work from home effectively.  The case for having expensive city offices has, for many, collapsed.

Working from home:

Twenty years ago, when we ran a workshop for Worldwide ERC on the subject, we thought the evolution to home working would happen much faster.  But I guess we underestimated how resistant to change people can be.  It took the COVID-19 pandemic crisis to open people’s eyes to the:

  • Cost-saving benefits for both businesses and their people;
  • Many quality of life benefits;
  • Massive environmental benefits.

Any company that isn’t moving in this same direction will be at a competitive disadvantage going forward, not least because of:

  • The cost savings; and the
  • Talent attraction/retention benefits.

Now that the home is the new office, our rental searches have broadened to enable assignees to live the life they want to live.  This means rental searches are no longer confined to cities or suburbs.

Rental searches can be for rural properties that offer, for example, the quintessential English countryside lifestyle combined with a beautiful, hi-tech home office set up – or whatever floats their boat.  Suddenly, the family’s quality of life gets a fantastic boost, and you know what that means for the business.

As your relocation support, we, of course, make sure that the lease conditions are exactly right and the necessary facilities are in place.

When colleagues decide they want to embrace this enhanced lifestyle, enlightened businesses provide the needed support to accommodate them.  It’s our role to help you do that.

And at the corporate end, what to do with those expensive offices?

We will review your commercial lease obligations, establish your ideal scenario, represent you in negotiations, and manage the implementation of your desired strategy.

Please let us know if any of this resonates with what’s going on in your organization.  How are things changing in your company?  (Of course, what you tell us is confidential, always.)

And if we can help, we’d love to. Contact us Today!

Excellent job finding quality options within budget and location. Saunders1865 did a great job driving us around and knew the procedures for making offers. I would recommend using Saunders1865 again.

Robert Gilman, Maine-USA