Time is getting short for employers who need to make Brexit moves

                                                 Multiple EU destinations are being considered

                                                               By: Tony Coe, Founder & CEO


Brexit moves in EuropeAs it becomes more and more clear every day that the UK is headed for a hard, no-deal, cliff-edge Brexit (choose whatever adjective you like!), urgent communications are coming to my team from corporate clients. They need to move key talent to EU cities – as well as into and out of the UK.

And, as the deadline for a Brexit deal gets closer, the pressure is getting more intense.  DSP resources will likely be stretched.  I now recommend that employers firm up their plans with a sense of urgency.

The key EU destinations that have emerged at this point are:

As a later entry to the race, Rotterdam is also expecting an influx of people.

(Click on the above links to request an area report on the destinations you’re interested in.)

As demand intensifies and the March 19 deadline gets closer, rents in all these destination areas will likely increase – and the best rental homes will be snapped up early.  

The sooner you act, the better: a better choice of homes and we can negotiate better terms for you.

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Luke Alexander, Toronto