The outlook for international relocations post lockdown

Tony Coe - Founder & CEO

From where I’m standing things are looking good for international relocations post lockdown.  Businesses are champing at the bit preparing to move their talent around the world as restrictions are removed.

The UK is especially well placed.  Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has announced a solid (prudently conservative) phased plan for moving the UK out of lockdown, anchored by our country’s fantastically successful vaccine rollout program.  See below for details of the UK government’s phased plan for relaxing restrictions, noting that the dates are “not before” dates – i.e. they may be pushed back if the data on new infections moves in the wrong direction!

Many assignees have been stuck in limbo, with their relocation plans frozen for month after month.  Now they can see light at the end of the tunnel, they want to get going.

And it’s so good to see employers very eager to provide their talent with high-quality relocation support that’s tailored to the needs of their global workforce.  Employers large and small are making plans to move people all over the world and to provide them with intelligent, agile and targeted support.

We are seeing a dramatic shift towards remote/distributed/work from anywhere working, which means that homes have become an extension of employers’ business premises.  This shift has opened employers’ eyes to the case for providing enhanced support around issues relating to team members’ home requirements and issues.

In these circumstances, making sure that the our people have fantastic, healthy workspaces (in or close to their homes) has become crucial to talent attraction and retention – and in terms of looking after their mental health.  (I’ll let you know separately about the exciting trends we’re seeing in due course.)

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Ann has been of exceptional professionalism and support during the entire process. She takes the time to listen to her client’s needs. Her patience and support are impressive during the up and downs of flats visits, accompanying her client in fine-tuning the right neighbourhood, flat size, atmosphere. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Eloise Veillet - Paris, France

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