The Evolution to International Rental Search

Tony Coe - Founder & CEO

Over on our weekly talk show, People & Property – THE Relocation Podcast, Christine and I are engaged in an ongoing conversation.  The talk amounts to a deep dive into the evolution of our international rental search business. Well, it’s certainly one way to beat the lockdown blues!

Back in the 1980s, when we started Saunders 1865 – the VIP Relocation Company,  international home sale assistance was the meat and potatoes of our business. Back then, we managed a multitude of home sale cases as part of some, exciting talent acquisition projects for our corporate clients around the globe.

Within a decade, our business shifted into international destination services.  The core component was international rental search.  Employers now wanted their key employees to be globally mobile – that is to say, they wanted to be able to relocate them across international borders efficiently, without breaking the bank.  Encouraging their employees to rent homes, instead of buying them, was undoubtedly the way to go.

Now international rental search is the daily bread of the destination services we provide to clients for both their new hires and for relocating their existing talent.

Over evening cocktails, Christine and I chat about this evolution in our corporate clients’ needs, including how supporting talent acquisition remains a major driver for the international destination services that we’re asked to provide on a day-to-day basis. It’s all about delivering the best possible candidate experience – one that reinforces their decision to join the employer, by making them feel highly valued.

Of course, that’s no different when it comes to relocating existing employees – assuming the employer wants to (a) retain them and (b) get the best out of them.

You can hear our conversation on this specific topic so far in episode 12 & episode 13 of our weekly talk show

The conversation is continuing and our deep dive into international rental search will cover such issues as:

  • The evolution to international DSP services
  • The vital importance of the first briefing
  • The research process: suitable areas/homes/schools & so on
  • Effective pre-reporting trips save money
  • Property tours in a COVID world
  • Negotiating lease terms that serve the renter & corporate employer; (not just the landlord!)
  • Move management, move-in support & settling-in assistance
  • The value in providing good ongoing renter support

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A transcript of episode 13 is available. If you would like a copy, please email Tony at and he will send you a PDF

I have worked with the Saunders 1865 team during my 4 years on assignment in London. They helped me locate 2 flats over the years and have been a very helpful resource.

June Lathers – Michigan, USA

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