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The 5 Things You Must Know To Find The Right School in the UK

The UK Education System can be excellent, but it is complex and getting your head around it is far from easy.

With all the different options, finding the right school without assistance can be one of
the most difficult parts of the global moving process. Here’s some pointers to set you down a more clearer path about our world renowned Education System.

Private Schools are called Public Schools – And the confusion doesn’t end there! We have International schools, American schools, State Schools and of course Montessori School all with its own unique entry level criteria and education systems.

The Different Terminology – SATS taken by 10 and 11 year olds are Standard Assessment Tests and Boarding Schooling is when you opt for the live/school educational option. There’s plenty more words you need to familiarize yourself with in the UK such as OFSTED, Nursery, Year instead of Grade etc.

Application Dates – Entry Deadlines for State schools are normally
January for the next Academic year, which starts in September the same year. Don’t fret we can share all the important dates for the School year with you!

Requisite Documents for Admission – The All-important list you need to gather includes School reports, Teacher references, Financial Responsibility forms etc.

Your address – A catchment area includes the state schooling options available within a geographical radius based on where a family lives. This is relevant for those opting solely for state schools.

UK schooling is still considered one of the most prestigious education systems in the world, so it’s certainly worth the struggles you have to go through to secure your child’s admission.

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We breakdown what you need to know about how to successfully navigate the UK educational system.

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