The 4 Key Ingredients When Recruiting Valuable Talent from Overseas

By: Christine Hall, GMS


In today’s world, there are plenty of reasons to hire an international employee.  Nowadays it is an overseas search that frequently finds the best candidate for the job.

But persuading a new hire to move abroad can be more challenging than it appears at first. 

Smart employers make sure they have a high quality relocation service provider in place.  And not just any provider but one that has a proven track record in supporting the international relocations of new hires specifically.

These are the 4 key ingredients when recruiting valuable talent from overseas.

  1. Selecting the Employee that’s Likely to Actually Make the Move!

It’s not enough for them to simply have the skills; they’ll need determination and confidence to see the assignment through. 

The recruitment process must be customized to their personal ability to cope with the overseas assignment.  Be on the lookout for such things as their cultural awareness, previous examples of their adaptability and more.

And very important, make sure you find out from the spouse directly whether they too are enthusiastic about moving to the new country.  If the spouse is negatively inclined, that will likely be the kiss of death.  But you may not find out till you’ve wasted a ton of time and money!

  1. An Expertly Managed Pre-reporting Trip Can be Crucial to their Decision

Once they’ve decided in principle that they want to take the position, they should be encouraged to satisfy themselves that they’ll like living in the destination country.  This is best achieved by taking a “Look See” or pre-reporting trip and it can be a lot more important for both parties than you might think.

How that trip is managed is often crucial to their final decision – and indeed to the Employer’s final decision.  Don’t underestimate this part of the process.

I recommend that you retain a specialist relocation provider to manage the trip.  What they are shown during this trip needs to match with the reality of living in the new location. 

And if there are any warning signs from the candidate’s side, these should be reported back to the Employer immediately so no time and resources are wasted.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

There are lots of moving parts associated with international relocation.  Having a detailed plan is essential.

Just a few of the issues to be considered include departure assistance, destination support (e.g. home finding, schooling assistance, household goods move and temporary accommodation).  Be sure to read more about these components here

Planning helps ensure nothing is missed and that relocation goes as smooth as possible.  You should develop your plan in conference with your specialist relocation provider who will have handled this type of project many times before.

  1. Supporting the Candidate Through “Buyer’s Remorse”

So-called buyer’s remorse is a factor that’s too often overlooked.  What I mean is, after the candidate has agreed to the offer in principle, they will inevitably go through periods when they doubt the wisdom of their decision.  Often these doubts relate more to the aspect of relocating overseas than they do to the job itself.

It’s vital not to leave them in a void in the crucial period between acceptance and onboarding. 

Here again, a relocation provider that specializes in this area will pay huge dividends.  Their expert will frequently check in with the candidate and spouse.  And they will always be available to answer any questions that arise in their minds.

I have personally been responsible for providing comprehensive support for numerous international recruitment projects in my 30 plus years in the relocation business.  I would be delighted to discuss your project with you on a no-obligation basis.  To set up an initial call use this contact form