Saunders 1865 | Team Weekend Recommendation: Matilda is top of the class !

Team Weekend Recommendation: Matilda is top of the class !

saunders-contactLondon is well-renowned for showing the most illustrious musicals in the quaintest theatres around town.  So the question you really need to ask yourself is, which one should I go and see?  As a team, we love nothing more than going to the theatre.  Last week, I had the opportunity to go and see Matilda the Musical, the story of a clever little girl who dares to change her destiny…

With 5 star reviews and a record breaking 7 Laurence Olivier Awards, I must admit I had high expectations before I’d even stepped through the door but boy, did it not disappoint!

The staging in itself is a colourful masterpiece of ABC blocks which will undoubtedly catch your eye from the entrance.  The seamless scene changing is particularly impressive as you watch the set morphing from the school classroom to the 30 ft. high public library which becomes Matilda’s safe-haven.

“My Mummy says I’m a miracle…”

MatildaIf you’ve not had the pleasure of reading the Novel by British author, Roald Dahl, then don’t worry, the musical is as easy to follow as A…B…C.  Matilda (Chloe Hawthorn) is the extraordinarily talented daughter of Mr & Mrs Wormwood (Steve Furst & Annette McLaughlin), two rather self-centred parents who consider reading books a rather obscure thing to do.  It’s only when Matilda at age 5 discovers the public library and books by authors such as Charles Dickens, that life at home becomes a little more bearable.  In punishment, her father enrols her at the local school with the strictest head teacher around, Miss (“The”) Trunchbull (David Leonard), a former hammer throwing champion who despises children and punishes them in the dreaded chokey!  The story evolves as Matilda takes on The Trunchbull and her parents, in a bid for a better life with her beloved teacher, Miss Honey (Haley Falherty).

The music and lyrics by Tim Minchin will see you tapping your feet and singing along throughout.  My personal favourites are“When I grow up” and “Revolting Children” which are so catchy that you’ll be singing them on the way to work!

So whether your age 5 or 55, this musical has something for you.  Go on…take a trip to the Cambridge Theatre this Christmas and become one of the gang!

I can guarantee this show will be another Royal Shakespeare Company smash hit and will likely be around for the next 25 years, just as Les Mis has done for the past 25!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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