Talent acquisition; onboarding support & the wobbly candidate alert

Tony Coe - Founder & CEO


In my special message last week, I set the scene for the big reveal about an important side benefit of having the right relo support solution in place.

The podcast is out and so is the secret, HIDDEN BENEFIT to employers who are engaged in winning the global battle for critical talent, the hidden benefit attached to getting their onboarding process right.

It’s an important way to save money and time on what we call “wobbly candidates”.

Better yet, you might well be able to fix the wobble; but only if you know about it in time.

I have worked with the Saunders 1865 team during my 4 years on assignment in London. They helped me locate 2 flats over the years and have been a very helpful resource.

June Lathers – Michigan, USA

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