Supporting renters in the UK through lockdown

Life has changed substantially since the impact of the COVID-19 hit us over a month ago.

For assignees needing to find rental homes in London or elsewhere in the UK, we are still conducting cases where the moves are essential.  In many cases, we can arrange virtual video showings.  To be clear, only essential moves are allowed until lockdown measures are relaxed.  They are next due for review by the Government on May 7.

Regarding leases that have ended and move-outs that happened before the lockdown measures came into force, we have noticed a worrying trend towards lawless practices by some landlords and rental agents —specifically, the withholding of substantial deposits without legitimate grounds.  We are concerned that rental agents in financial distress will be tempted to dip into their clients' funds (including any tenants' deposits) they are holding.

Our corporate clients and assignees continue to need Ongoing Support services to assist with getting landlords and their agents to meet their obligations to renters.  Since all the tenants we support now have to work from home, the need for effective renter support is all the more critical in a business-critical sense.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch

The services provided to me and my firm were outstanding. Everyone we dealt with demonstrated the utmost level of service and assistance 

Bryan Miller, Lumberton